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Sovata Municipality
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Str. Principală Nr. 155, 545500, Sovata +40 265 570 218






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Bartha Éva

In accordance with  law no. 215/2001 , the Secretary of the administrative unit has the following main responsabilities :

a)      approves/verifies the legality of all decizions enacted by  the mayor and/or  city council ;

b)      attends  meetings of the city  council ;

c)      ensures the management of administrative relationship between the mayor and the  local council ,  respectively  the local authorities  and the county praefect ;

d)     organizes  and archives all decizions enacted by  the mayor and/or  city council ;

e)      ensures transparency and easy communication  to the local authorities and  public institutions ,  free access to public information in accordance with Law no. 544/2001;

f)       provides procedures for convening the local council, performs  secretarial work,  draws  up minutes of meetings of the local council ;

g)      prepares  the local council meetings , draws up drafts of the local council decisions ;

h)      has other duties prescribed by law ,  completes other assignments given by the mayor or the local council .


Sovata is a town of unique beauty, located in the Salt District of Transylvania (Romania) where turists and visitors are bedazzled by natural treasures as heliotermic salt lakes situated in picturesque dolines, salt and its carstic forms, flowery meadows with trickling streamlets, surrounded by century-old forests.

It is an internationally known health-resort and holiday destination, thanks to its curative salt lakes, most of all the famous Lake Ursu (Bear Lake), recommended for the medical treatment of gynecological, rheumatic, nervous and endocrine diseases, as well as treatment of post-traumatic problems.

Wooden villas abundant in floral motifs, that appear to be an organic part of the local environment – fine examples of the typical mountain architecture – along with modern establishments, excellent accomodation services and highly qualified personnel also recommend Sovata as a holiday destination.

I welcome you to the virtual world of Sovata, hoping information presented on this site will be helpful in getting a better insight into the past and present of Sovata, and attract you to experience the riches of the land and the hospitality of our people first hand.

Fülöp László Zsolt